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  • Connor Beveridge

Silverburn Park

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Beautiful gardens, scenic views, able to buy hot tea/coffee, green space, plentiful picnic tables/benches, nature - birds and squirrels (and dogs), wheelchair accessible AND there is an accessible toilet.. I think it's fair to say that Silverburn Park is another of Fife's hidden gems.

Accessible Parking ❌

Accessible Toilet ✅

Play Park ✅

Accessible Equipment in Play Park ❌

Cafe (Tearoom) ❌

The car park is a decent size however it really isn't in a good condition at all. There are lots of pot holes and it is pretty dangerous.

You will notice one the windows will hopefully be open and that is where you can purchase hot drinks. If you continue walking you will see a couple of gardens which you are more than welcome to go round and enjoy.

Back on the main path, once you are passed the old flax mill, on your left you will see a small green building which houses an accessible toilet. You do not need a radar key etc it should be open for. you, however in the past I've had with locking the door so it may be worthwhile for to have someone guard the door when you go. At the bottom of this post you will notice from the image that opposite to the main entrance of the park is Blacketyside Farm Shop, this is another place where you can find an accessible toilet - and enjoy some great food!

The main path continues and eventually thins and the surface becomes gravel chips. Although the surface of this path is good, there are a number of inclines/declines as well as a steep drop at one side from which there is no protection - so be cautious when you are gazing out over the beautiful views.

Before long, there is a steep decline onto a path which skirts the edge of a second golf course. There are a number of significant pot holes but they are easily avoidable, just keep an eye out.

Once you are past the club house of the golf course, turn left. Follow the path down to the street and then turn right. The pavement of this street is nice and wide, and the road is quiet and wide if you had to use it too.

When there are house on your left-hand-side again, keep an eye out for a small path which leads down past the other golf course and onto Leven seafront (I'd say it's about 50 yards after the first house, but don't hold me to it!).

From the carpark at Silverburn to the seafront and back again is approximately 3K.

I've done a separate post on Leven seafront if you want to find out anymore about the accessibility there.

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