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Pillars of Hercules

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

In the shadows of East Lomond (Falkland) hill there is an organic farm shop & café called 'Pillars of Hercules' which is surrounded by a number of different walking trails.

One of the paths is fully accessible. I was unable to take pictures of the others as they weren't do-able for me in my electric wheelchair however depending on your disability you may find you can do these routes. Therefore it is worth checking it out for your own eyes.

A massive carpark has just been built but if you use a blue badge you are better off driving through it and finding a space in one of the over-flow carparks or there are a couple of accessible spaces right in-front of the café.

The café is fully accessible

Turn right when leaving the café and head up the quiet farm road. The road is straight so any oncoming traffic is completely visible and if any cars do need to pass don't worry because there is plenty room for the both of you.

The farm road eventually leads to a path in the woods (accessible) which takes you to a nearby village - Strathmiglo.

I reallyc recommend visiting Pillars of Hercules!r Strathmiglo is 2.85Km. The distance from the signpost to Strathmiglo is approximately 2.5Km.

The path is a wide, solid concrete surface throughout which should be accessible to most but I only noticed 1 bench - at the Strathmiglo signpost - on the entire walk.

Below is a picture of the walk from the Pillars of Hercules carpark to the signpost, you then turn right and onto Strathmiglo. Covered in the following video.

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