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  • Connor Beveridge

Leven Seafront

Updated: May 19, 2021

This is a great place to come to for a walk or just to sit and enjoy the fresh seaside air with a hot chocolate. There is nothing to worry about accessibility-wise either so you can look forward to a wee trip out to this seafront with your minds at ease. There is an accessible toilet (if it is unsuitable for you, then there is a Sainbury's a 2-minute drive away with an accessible toilet you will hopefully find more appropriate), a couple of carparks, a good and solid tarmac'd path along the promenade, and there are plenty benches to choose from.

The building in the last picture below is where the accessible toilet is housed and you require a RADAR key to get in. I will get some pictures of it soon.

Below are images of the very popular skatepark, I've a seen a few younger wheelchair users going up and down the jumps with the help of their friends. The children's playwark adjoins onto this. I didn't notice any pieces of equipment that are specifically for kids in wheelchairs.

Below is an image 1Km path along the promenade and down to the playpark.

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