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  • Connor Beveridge

Forth Road Bridge

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

If you were questioned on Scottish landmarks, there aren't many you'd think of before the Forth Bridges.. but one fact you probably did not know about the Forth Road Bridge is how accessible it is to walk/wheel over.

Accessible Parking ✅

Accessible Toilet ✅

Play Park ❌

Accessible Equipment in Play Park ❌

Cafe (Tearoom) ❌

On the Fife side of the FRB you should park in the carpark of the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel. There are a number of disabled bays so you get a space no problem. The restaurant in the hotel also has an accessible toilet.

If you use the dropped kerb just outside the main entrance and follow the path to the side of the hotel, it will take up and back down a significant gradient. At the bottom of the short, sharp hill you are taken straight onto the walk/cycleway on the FRB.

The surface is really good and virtually level for the length of the bridge. There is a gentle incline up until the halfway point and then a decline. The bridge is 2.5K one-way, so by the time you turn back on yourself and reach the car again it's a fair jaunt!

I think this walk is accessible for nearly anyone, the only thing it is missing however, is benches.

Enjoy! The views are superb when the weather.

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