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  • Connor Beveridge

Birnie & Gaddon Lochs

Updated: Jun 17

About 5 minutes outside of Freuchie is an isolated short walk, which - after 5 minutes of sitting - helps put you at one with nature and it provides a bit of an escape. Although it is one of the shorter trails I go on, the path may not be suited to everyone, have a look at my photos and it'll be at your discretion. Electric wheelchairs and scooters should be fine though.

  • Accessible Parking

  • Accessible Toilet (Fife Zoo is a two minute drive away with a toilet)

  • Play Park

  • Accessible Equipment in Play Park

  • Cafe (there are nice local cafes at both Fife Zoo and Freuchie garden centre )

There is a large carpark when you arrive with a few disabled bays. The cars overlook a grassy area on the shores of one of the lochs and there are a few benches and tables for picnics or just daydreaming watching the swans/ducks.

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