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Beveridge Park

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Situated in the heart of Kirkcaldy and run by Fife Council, Beveridge Park is a great place for a walk and to get a bit of fresh air. To my knowledge it is accessible no matter how severe your disability.

The park is based around a large, picturesque pond which is full of ducks, swans etc. In the summer months, if you have the physical ability, you can hire out boats to explore it further. Crazy-golf is also available in the same time period. Also for the kids; there are 2 parks - 1 for older ages, 1 for younger - a skatepark, a football cage, and outdoor exercise equipment. Shamefully there is no play equipment for kids who use wheelchairs.

  • Accessible Parking ✅

  • Accessible Toilet ✅

  • Play Park ✅

  • Accessible Equipment in Play Park ❌

  • Cafe (Tearoom) ❌ burger van ✅

There is a large carpark with 3 designated disabled bays, one of them has always been free whenever I've been but if they were all taken it wouldn't be the end of the world, you could easily use your blue badge to allow you to take up 2 ordinary spaces. The park is used for by local football and rugby clubs so the car park is a lot busier when games are being played. Also the Raith Rovers FC stadium is a 5-minutes walk away so I'd avoid the carpark at 3pm on Saturday when they are playing at home.

The toilets are in a building at the playpark designed for older kids. There is an accessible toilet but I will let you look at the picture and judge for yourself whether you deem it accessible. The toilet building is run by Fife Council so it is only open certain hours. If you visit the park at a time when the building is shut, there is a Morrison's a 2-minute car journey away that has facilities.

The walk itself is generally on a very good surface.. wide, mostly flat, tarmac. Good wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, walking frames/sticks, scooters etc. There are two routes you can take: one is a short loop round the pond, the second is a longer loop round the whole park area (1 mile in length). There are a number of opportunities to chop-and-change what path you are on if you so wish.

I'd definitely recommend Beveridge Park. For either a short walk with the dog, or a longer day-out with the family, this park is suitable for most needs.

The highlighted path below is approximately 2.2Km in length. The following video is of this route.

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