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  • Connor Beveridge

Aberdour (Silversands)

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

If you're a resident of Fife, we're very lucky to have a beautiful coastline surrounding us. This coastline is accompanied by the Fife Coastal Path, a 63 mile walking route that skirts the Kingdom, which includes a number of brilliant 'accessible' paths.

Accessible Parking ✅

Accessible Toilet ✅

Play Park ✅

Accessible Equipment in Play Park ❌

Cafe (Tearoom) ✅

For me and my disability, I find Aberdour (West Sands) to be do-able. For others, the stretch of path to Burntisland will be too treacherous. As unacceptable as it is that the path is not accessible to everyone, West Sands is worth a visit for the calming, picturesque views looking out over the bay towards Edinburgh and Prestonpans.

When you arrive you'll see that there are a couple of different carparks, for the accessible bays you should drive down towards the beachfront and cafe. There are plenty of spaces and dropped kerbs.

The building at the carpark houses two accessible toilets. The first of which is right in front you (behind the railings in my second picture), this toilet is maintained by the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust. I'd recommend going to the second accessible toilet which is inside the cafe which is accessed from the other side of the building. Both are clean but the one inside the cafe has the heating on!

There plenty of benches on the grassy area overlooking the beach and there is a great slabbed, flat seating area outside the cafe.

If you'd like to try the walk then head towards the left-hand-side of the beach. There are some stunrning views to be had - especially if the weather is good - and there is a small waterfall on the route. The path ends up leading into a housing estate in the back-end of Burntisland.

Like I mentioned before, sadly, this path is not suitable for everyone. There are a few steep inclines/declines, the surface is very uneven at points, and for most of the route there is no protection from the steep drop at the side of the path.

As always I will leave it up to you to judge from the pics below of its suitability. If you cannot say one way or another then there is no harm in trying it.. if things get a bit dodgy then just turn back.

Regardless of the walk, it's 100% accesible for ecveryone to order a coffee at the cafe and day dream while gazing at the views!

Video coming soon.

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