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Accessible walks in Scotland

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Hi there, my names Connor Beveridge, I'm a wheelchair-user from Fife who enjoys getting out and about and going for walks to enjoy the beautiful Scottish surroundings.

I have been a wheelchair-user for the past 7 years but because of my progressive condition, Friedreichs Ataxia, I have been physically disabled for about 18 years.

I therefore have a good knowledge of local walks and attractions with regards to their accessibility, as well as some other walks further afield. Whether you are concerned with disabled parking, the distance of a walk, the surfaces of paths, or the availability of accessible toilets, I will hopefully put your minds to rest with these blogs.

Disabled people should not have to miss out on the Scottish scenery or have family days enjoying nature in the 21st century!

Click on the button below to read my personal blog on growing up with Friedreichs Ataxia.


Glencoe Lochan, The Highlands

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Please share your experiences with me and together we can raise awareness of the accessibility of the Scottish outdoors

Feel free to email me, send me a message through this site, and/or visit my Twitter page/Youtube channel

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