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  • Connor Beveridge

West Fife Way

The West Fife Way is a great option for those who are looking to go on a longer walk. The path was an old disused railway line stretching from Dunfermline (William Street) to Clackmannan, it has been tarmac'd over so it is a good, solid, wide surface - perfect for anything with wheels eg. Scooters, wheelchairs etc.

However, one issue that will make this route inaccessible to certain people is that benches and places for resting are few and far between along the path.

Another issue is that there are no accessible toilets - this is crazy considering the distance of the path. If you are starting this walk from. the Dunfermline-end, you will just need to find a toilet elsewhere before you start eg. the Tesco or ASDA are good options.

Below are pictures from Dunfermline (William Street carpark) to the bridge just after the signpost to Comrie. This stretch approximately 7Km one-way. We turned back towards the car at this point, this was enough for one day.

Next time I plan on driving straight to Comrie and joining back onto the West Fife Way from there.

I hope to do the rest of this walk soon! I'll update my Twitter profile when I have done so and more images will be available on this post. Thanks.

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