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  • Connor Beveridge

Linlithgow Loch

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Sitting in the back-garden of the once princely and proudly imposing Linlithgow Palace is Linlithgow Loch. There is an approximate 4.1Km wheelchair-accessible walk around its perimeter.

Accessible Parking ✅

Accessible Toilet ❌

Play Park ✅

Accessible Equipment in Play Park ✅ (a larger accessible kids swing)

Cafe (Tearoom) ❌

There are a couple of different car-parks but on a nice day they can fill up very quickly, and with disabled parking bays already hard to come by, I'd recommend going when the weather isn't the best so it won't be as busy (the opposite from what I done). Linlithgow itself is quite a busy little town anyway, the streets are narrow and the old part it cobbled etc, so you might find a bit flustering if you aren't 100% sure on where you're going.

I did not see any toilets near the Loch, one of the shops on the High Street may have one, I'll try find out the next time I'm there. But if you are desperate (like I was) there is an accessible toilet in Linlithgow Aldi which is a 2 minute drive away from the loch.

Back to the walk, there's a small concrete path that leads you straight onto the route that loops round the loch. The surface of this route remains concrete until you get round the opposite side of the loch, and it is about 1.5-2 metres wide.

The surface of the path changes and it becomes a bit more gritty, however it remains pretty solid without challenging pot holes, and remains the same width.

You then come to a large farm-gate which you need to go through to get onto the final stage of the walk. It's very awkward and it might take a few attempts of you zig-zagging in your electric wheelchair/scooter. You'll hopefully get through it eventually but it's frustrating, it just seems like a needless barrier to disabled people to me, you cannot tell me that there aren't more accessible ways to have farm-gates.

The path then looks like it's going off track, as it takes you onto the Main Street of Linlithgow. Another gate has to be opened before you're street-side but it's a lot easier to navigate than the previous - it is nice and wide once opened.

I already mentioned that Linlithgow is quite a busy place, so be wary and careful of the traffic coming and going. Keep an eye out for a signpost and after so long you will be directed to take a right down a narrow path which will take you back to the loch-side.

As you walk round the bottom of the Palace, there is quite a steep decline. Although the path is still quite solid but it is a bit more stoney so just be careful.

There is plenty of green space around this side of the Loch and it's perfect for picnics, or just chilling and enjoying nature.

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