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  • Connor Beveridge

Crammond Island

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

The walk along the seafront at Crammond is one of the most beautiful and accessible (very wide and flat path surface) I've done.

Accessible Parking ✅

Accessible Toilet ❌ (Costa coffee is a 5 minute drive away with amenities)

Play Park ❌

Accessible Equipment in Play Park ❌

Cafe (take a left and walk round to Crammond harbour) ✅

The carpark is really busy because it is such a popular place to go. There are a couple of disabled bays but just know you might need to find somewhere else to park.

The one negative about this location, and it's a huge one, there is no accessible public toilet. The nearest one I could find was at a costa coffee shop a 5 minute drive away.

The clip below follows the route from Crammond Island along towards Granton Harbour. I turned back at the point I did because I was cold but I'm led to believe the path just keeps going in a similar fashion.

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