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  • Connor Beveridge

Burntisland Seafront

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Although there isn't really a walk as such, Burntisland is a great place for an accessible day out with the family. There are play parks, large green spaces, a beach, an accessible leisure centre, and a couple of accessible toilets.

Accessible Parking ✅

Accessible Toilet ✅

Play Park ✅

Accessible Equipment in Play Park ❌

Cafe (Tearoom) ❌

In the white building that is just off the carpark in Links Pl there is an accessible toilet which requires a radar key to get into. There is also a play park for older kids next to the car park - there is no equipment for children who use a wheelchair though.

The path which you are taken onto has a good tarmac'd surface and doesn't have any big inclines or declines. If you take a left (see picture 4) it will take you down to a large play park for younger kids. I noticed that there was a specialised swing seat for kids with additional needs but I didn't see any other accessible equipment.

On the other side of the path you will see two underpasses which lead to the beach. The second one is accessible. It leads to a large platform which spans the length of the beach and there are a plentiful number of benches available.

If you want to continue up to your right towards the Beacon leisure centre the path remains completely accessible. You will find another accessible toilet in the cafe of the leisure centre - I'd recommend going to this one as it's nice and warm!

With reference to the screenshot again, I first went to the beach, went up and down its mini-esplanade, and then followed a path which looped around the leisure centre and back to the carpark.

There is also a large car park behind the leisure centre which overlooks the beach if you'd prefer to go there.

The walking distance is less than 1K from the carpark in Links Pl to the beach.

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